One of the most frequent questions I am asked (which usually leads to a heated discussion) is:

“Aren’t supplements bad for you and a waste of money?”

I’ll tell you what is bad for you and a waste of money; alcohol, sugar, trans fats, soft drinks, processed and flour-based carbohydrates and cigarettes! It frustrates me that people can honestly think supplements are bad for them whilst they spend most of their time and money buying and consuming all of this other rubbish which WE ALL KNOW IS BAD FOR US.

Yes, some supplements are not produced to the highest standard possible (you get what you pay for), but in general,

Australian supplements are made under strict regulations in TGA approved facilities with pharmaceutical like guidelines and are held fully accountable.

Recent TV shows have gone on a scare-mongering campaign and irresponsibly depicted all supplements as not only a waste of money but highly dangerous. What they failed to clarify is that the cases they used in their stories are linked to American-made supplements which are in no way regulated by the Food And Drug Administration, and are therefore often made in very shady facilities. As such, the contents of American supplements are rarely what it states on the label.

Reputable Australian supplements can and should be included in everyone’s daily nutrition regime to help at least maintain normal health, function and immunity.

I’m telling you now, there’s not much else in this world that is harming the human species more than the food and drinks we consume in massive quantities on a regular basis. Start worrying more about what is in your pantry and fridge than what is in a vitamin pill or protein shake!