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The Fat-Loss/Fat-Gain Cycle

Your motivation is through the roof!
You go all out with regular vigorous exercise, your food is immaculate, you’re drinking 2-3L of water per day and your sleep routine is something straight out of the army.
You get results. You get great results.
Then you get bored. You get complacent. You relax with your exercise, sleep, hydration and food prep.
Those amazing results soon slip away. The dreaded yoyo has you.
Don’t do it to yourself. If you’d like to avoid the dreaded cycle of fat loss and fat gain that most people go through each and every year of their life, this video will help.



Does this sound familiar?
You come home after a hectic day and can’t resist snacking on something quick before dinner…
Dinner’s ready and you eat enough for 2 people…
You’re full from dinner but have an uncontrollable craving for something sweet.  You give in and demolish half a block of chocolate…
Guilt ridden, you climb into bed only to repeat the whole process the next night…
If you can relate to this at all, you need to know about a sneaky little hormone that controls your appetite and cravings.


Insulin Vs Recovery Hormones

Do you crave sweet things later in the evening? 
Does the icecream and chocolate in the fridge call your name? Just a few mouthfuls won’t hurt right? How bad can it really be? You deserve it after a tough day yeah? 
If you’re keen to know exactly what happens to your ‘anti-ageing’ hormones when you indulge in those sweet treats at night, this video is absolutely for you…


Muscle Fibre Types

Do you feel like your metabolism is slowing down  as you age?
Do you think that you should focus on gentler activities as you get older?
Are you confused about which exercise is best for achieving your fat-loss goals?
 This video will clear this up for you…


Plateau Not “Yo-Yo”

2020 has been a tumultuous year for the entire world and probably feels like a complete write-off for your own health and fat-loss goals…
Sound familiar?
Watch this video!


Jana’s TBTS Transformation

In this video, we have a conversation with Jana. Listen to her journey in returning home after a long time of travelling the world and wanting to get serious about a regular training routine. She has managed to achieve some incredible results and, in the process, has helped the rest of her family get on board with a healthier lifestyle too. Congrats Jana and thanks for the chat!


Marnie’s TBTS Transformation

Have a listen to our superb client Marnie, who has achieved some amazing  results and tells us how her journey began. Since joining us she has dropped her body fat skin folds by an incredible 42% and is feeling more motivated  and happier than ever! We are very proud of you Marnie and look forward to continually seeing your fantastic dedication!


Pete’s TBTS Transformation

In this video we speak to Pete, who works very hard to maintain his excellent results. Pete’s been a great client of ours who’s commitment to his health is inspiring. He tells us a bit of what training here at the studio is like and why the sense of community has been a big reason in remaining. We wouldn’t have it any other way Pete and congratulations on your fat-loss and muscle gain goals! We look forward to more progress, mate!


Jen’s TBTS Transformation

In this video we speak to Jen, a very  wonderful client of ours at The Body Transformation Studio. Jen began attending regular personal training and group training sessions with us here at the studio, as well as implementing the nutrition and lifestyle advice we gave her. She has since become one of the fittest, strongest and most determined women we know. She tells us how her fitness journey began and how she achieved such incredible fat-loss results! Well done Jen, we love having you here with us and look forward to seeing you continue to be such a strong and happy individual!


Matt’s TBTS Transformation

In this video we speak to Matt, a very hard-working and dedicated client of ours at The Body Transformation Studio. He tells us about what got him started on his fitness journey, why he decided to join our Studio (rather than attend your average 24 Hour Gym), and how he has managed to achieve such incredible fat-loss results! Congratulations Matt, we have thoroughly enjoyed having you at our studio and look forward to more positive achievements from you.

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