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Our Facilities
The Body Transformation Studio is the most results-driven and exclusive private personal training studio right here in the City of Melville.

Backed by degrees in Sports Science and Human Biology, Metabolic Precision Nutrition, Pilates, Rehab, Master Trainer Qualifications, Sports Trainer Certificates and too many other courses to remember, a combined 30 years of solid “in the trenches” experience in many different settings within this great health industry, the Body Transformation team guarantee that you will get results.

We have devised a unique Body Transformation System that includes all of the 5 Essential Program Components that you need to succeed.

You won’t find this anywhere else.

We offer a variety of services and plans to suit all goals, busy schedules and tight budgets so that you actually achieve what you desire – we guarantee it.

Proven scientific exercise and nutrition protocols
  • Because we follow proven scientific exercise and nutrition protocols (not just the latest diet fad or popular workout) which means that you actually achieve results and then maintain them for life. We not only help you change your body, we help you understand your body.
Tertiary qualifications and industry experience
  • We hold more tertiary qualifications and industry experience than any other team in Perth. Our knowledge and capabilities to help people from all walks of life are unmatched. If you want some young guy who has just finished his 6 week PT course, join a gym. If you want expert help, come and see us.
Private exclusive studio
  • Our private exclusive studio means that you won’t have to put up with loud, intimidating ‘meat heads’ or annoying young girls wearing way too little clothing. Here at our studio, you won’t have to wait for equipment, you can exercise in comfort and peace and you’ll meet people just like you who are on the same journey.
Find a time that suits you
We open at 6am and close at 8pm which means we can find a time to suit you. You come in, do an effective and efficient session with your expert trainer and then you leave without having wasted anytime. Each and every session is design to give you the most ‘bang for your buck’. No more wandering around a big crowded gym wondering what to do or what equipment is not being used.
Everything you need
We give you every piece of the puzzle. Losing fat and improving your health is not easy. There are many elements required to be put in place so that you achieve long-term-see-it-in-the-mirror-results. Unlike big gyms, fad diets, or crazy detoxes, we give you absolutely everything you need.
We absolutely guarantee results
We absolutely guarantee results. If at the end of your program you feel that you have achieved no measureable results, we refund you your entire initial investment. We are so confident that because of our knowledge, experience and complete program, we can 100% guarantee that you will see and feel results. (Try getting a money-back-guarantee from a gym, diet, detox, nutritionist, etc… no chance.)
Free consultation
Take the next step and request your free consultation here at the studio by clicking on the tab below. We’ll then contact you to arrange a suitable time and then show you how we can finally help you to transform the way you look, function and feel.

A Better You – Guaranteed

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