Servings: 4  |  Prep: 5 mins  |  Cook time: 15mins

Nutritional information: (average serve)

  • Calories: 395
  • Protein: 31g
  • Carbs: 14g
  • Fat total: 25g


500g lean ground turkey or beef

2½ to 3 tablespoons taco seasoning

2 cups tomatoes fresh, chopped

1 cup cheddar reduced-fat, grated

6 cups lettuce shredded or thinly sliced

1 cup guacamole (homemade or store bought)

½ cup salsa or enchilada sauce


Step 1

Cook meat in a skillet over medium heat until browned, for about 8 minutes, stirring frequently.

Step 2

Drain any fat and add taco seasoning, and 1/3 cup water. Cook for an additional 3 to 5 minutes, stirring frequently.

Step 3

Arrange 4 plates and top with an even amount of tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and salsa. If desired, add a dollop of Greek yogurt or sour cream. Enjoy!