The only non-renewable asset we all have in life is our time. This really does make your time the most valuable thing you have ever, and will ever, own. The good news is that how we spend our time is completely up to us – for now.

Obviously we all have unavoidable responsibilities and duties that take our time such as work and family commitments. But these usually only account for no more than two-thirds of our day.

So what are you doing with the remaining time that you have complete control over?

Sadly, many spend it doing things that don’t improve their health or at the very least prevent serious illness. Watching TV and scrolling through social media are likely taking up countless hours of your time each and every week. Time that could (and should) be spent exercising and preparing/eating healthy nutritious meals. Yet, so many willingly forgo exercise and preparing healthy food in exchange for wasting time on unproductive unhealthy pastimes.

But as adults living in a democratic country, that is our choice to make.

What most don’t realise (or maybe choose to ignore) is that your right to spend your time however you like will be taken from you as soon as you fall seriously ill.

Speak to anyone who has been through chemotherapy, dialysis, open heart surgery, joint replacement, brain surgery or any other serious medical treatment and I’m sure they’ll tell you that their world came to a grinding halt because of the time they were forced to spend in treatment and recovery.

Yes, not all illnesses are completely avoidable but the vast majority of people can avoid (or at least seriously reduce their risk of) life-threatening illness and disease if they just choose to spend their free time in earlier years in much healthier ways.

The choice is simple, you either chose to spend your time on sensible exercise and preparing healthy nutrition now, or be forced to spend your time in illness, pain and discomfort later. Sounds like a no-brainer to me…