I must firstly apologize for the implied explicit language in this month’s rant but I don’t think there are too many other ways to effectively say what I have to say.

So, if you’re easily offended, please stop reading now…

I’d like to say a big F*** You to The Biggest Loser.

I have long despised this poor excuse for TV entertainment, but enough is enough. This ‘show’ depicts people dropping insane amounts of weight each week, week after week. Some contestants will lose more than half their body weight in just over a couple of months.

The image this portrays to the everyday Australian is not only down right dangerous and wrong, it is also very sad. I am sick and tired of seeing good, honest and hard working people get really upset when they see that they haven’t lost huge amounts of weight in the first few weeks of their new exercise regime.

Time and time again I have to explain to our wonderful clients that not losing huge amounts of weight does NOT mean failure. The aim should be to increase lean muscle mass in order to boost resting metabolic rate, which will result in sensible (but more importantly) long term sustainable health and fat loss results.

The producers of The Biggest Loser make no mention of fluid loss or muscle wastage and I can guarantee that a lot of the weight the contestants lose on the show would be made up of muscle and fluid. This WILL result in a ruined and depleted metabolism.

Have you ever wondered why they never do a reunion show for all of The Biggest Loser contestants?

Because most (if not all) are just as fat (if not fatter) than before they went on the show.The media needs to stop making good people feel like failures just because they aren’t dropping insane amounts of weight each week.

And while I’m at it, F*** You to any other detox program, drink, pill, potion, diet and/or scam that promotes and promises similar drastic and excessive weight loss. If I ever decide to get into politics you will all be at the top of my ’sh*t to clean up’ list…