No doubt you’ve heard the stories of people winning huge amounts of money on the lotto and then only a few years later being back to where they started as they either squandered all of the money, gambled it away, put it into bad investments and/or had it taken from them by friends and family.

It happens time and time again, the vast majority of people who come into large sums of unexpected money will somehow end up right back where they started (or even worse off).

I believe that the main reason for this is because they didn’t ’earn’ this money. They didn’t have to change anything about themselves, improve in any way, grow as a person, learn through trial and error and/or work hard for the money.

As such, they are just a broke person who temporarily has some money. Inevitably, they return to being a broke person with little money.

The exact same thing happens with fat-loss… When you think of all the ‘get-slim-quick’ pills, potions, programs, diets, detoxes, surgeries and exercise gadgets out there promising to ‘help you get trim and slim in only 2 minutes a day while you watch TV’, it’s no wonder Australia is one of the world’s fattest nations.

Not only do these quick-fixes deliver very little results, any results achieved are usually very short lived and completely unsustainable. We need to stop looking for the ’magic bullet’ that doesn’t require us to improve, grow, learn and work hard for our fat loss results.

How much do you learn about your body, about nutrition and about exercise by doing a lemon detox or having liposuction surgery?? NOTHING!! It’s no wonder that the majority of people who have liposuction just end up gaining the fat back in the next few months.

Folks, if you want long lasting health, fitness and fat loss, you absolutely have to EARN IT by becoming the sort of person that DESERVES IT.

So, if you’ve got new year’s resolutions you’d like to achieve, avoid any quick fixes that require very little or no effort, time, work, commitment and/or learning on your behalf. Otherwise you’ll end up just like those broke Lotto winners…..