It is common for people to start a workout program and become disappointed when they don’t see results…Here are 5 reasons why most workout programs fail to produce results.

1: Too much rest and not enough work

You’ll see this all the time in the big commercial gyms. People doing a set of a particular exercise and then standing around chatting, texting or watching the TVs for up to 5 minutes before they do another set. Keep your rest periods under 1 minute at the very most.

2: Making exercises too complicated

There are so many variations of each exercise and so many different pieces of equipment to do them with. But for best results, stick with good ol’ fashion free weights and simple movements that stimulate each muscle as much as possible without the risk of falling off something!

3: Lifting not enough weight

Let’s face it, if you’re not challenging your body, you’re wasting your time. Lift weights that are heavy enough to force your body to respond by building lean strong muscle and burning more wobbly, ugly fat!

4: Too much cardio

Don’t be fooled… cardio IS NOT the best way to burn fat. Excessive cardio will only burn away muscle tissue and actually slow your metabolism!

5: Poor nutrition

You absolutely must tailor your nutrition to suit your training type, times and frequency.

If you want any help or advice with any of these, you know where to find us!