No doubt each January you set yourself some health and fat-loss resolutions that require some kind of exercise regime and/or changes to your nutrition. But chances are that these ‘new-year’ resolutions probably won’t even last until February.

Well you’re not alone as the vast majority of people who set these ‘new-year-resolutions’ will fail to achieve them. Obviously there are many reason why this happens, but here’s what I think is one of the most important factors to consider…

You are setting your resolutions at the wrong time of the year…

Think about what your January usually looks like; you’ve got a few weeks off work, you don’t have to get the kids up early and ready for school each day as they’re on holidays, the days are long and warm and you likely go to the beach often (making you really motivated to look good in your bathing suit), your friends and family are most likely also working on their resolutions (and are therefore supporting you with yours) and you’re probably craving some healthy food after all the gluttony of Christmas.

All of these factors combine to make January a ‘perfect’ time to set some resolutions and get working on them. Unfortunately, this is also exactly why this is the worst time of year to do it.

January is not a normal month and therefore not an ideal time to try to implement any new healthy, life-long habits. As soon as February rolls around, you are most likely back into your usual stressful and mundane routine that occupies you for the rest of the year.

As such, any resolutions and healthy habits you created are quickly tossed aside. So, I recommend avoid the yearly heartache and failure and make July your new ’New-Year’!

Set your yearly health and fat-loss resolutions right now as whatever changes you make to your exercise and nutrition regime you are much more likely to maintain them long-term because you’re implementing them during a normal and boring time of the year.