Over my 20 years in the fitness industry, I’ve met thousands of people all hoping to get into great shape and improve their health. Without fail, the ones who actually achieve their goals are the ones who are fully aware of what VALUES each of their daily activities relate to. Allow me to explain.

You likely go to work not because you love it, but because you VALUE being able to provide for your family and buy nice things. You likely sit in the pouring rain watching your kids play some boring sport because you VALUE being a good parent. You likely exercise because you VALUE your health. You likely watch TV because you VALUE being able to relax with loved ones. You likely go out for a drink with friends because you VALUE being accepted Priority Chartby a community of similar people. And these are all wonderful and healthy values.

But each value has an associated activity. And those activities all take up your time. And, as you are well aware, time is very limited. So, each and every day we play a game against time with the way we PRIORITIZE our values by the activities we choose to do.

Skipping the gym in the morning so you can stay in bed? You’re prioritizing comfort/relaxation (VALUE) over your health (VALUE). Skipping lunch to get more work done? You are prioritizing being a provider (VALUE) over your health (VALUE). Skipping your weekly meals preparation on the weekend so you can go out drinking with friends? You are prioritizing acceptance (VALUE) over your health (VALUE).

As soon as you can assign a VALUE to each and every daily activity you perform, you will soon understand what values you are prioritizing over others. And if you truly value your health and desired fat-loss results, you’ll start prioritizing those daily activities and then fit the others in around them.