Let’s picture two lumberjacks. They both have the exact same strength, axe-swinging technique and level of experience with chopping down trees. If they were to have a competition to see which one could chop down the most  amount of trees in a day, who would win?

The one who sharpens his axe…

In life we get so busy with our usual routine that we mistakenly assume that in order to achieve any kind of success or just to get ahead, we just need to work longer, harder and faster. Unfortunately though this is often a waste of our time and energy, and it can also be a fast-track to exhaustion, illness and excessive stress.

The same applies to achieving your health and fat-loss goals.

So often I see people doing more and more of the incorrect exercise and/or not refuelling and recovering properly  because they simply don’t know any better. This usually means they fail to achieve the results they desire (or any results at all).

If you want to get the very most from your exercise program, it’s crucial that you sharpen YOUR axe from time to time.

What do I mean by that?

Educate yourself on all aspects of nutrition, muscular recovery, correct and effective exercise, stress management, fat-loss, hormone regulation, disease prevention and supplementation (just to name a few).

Learning and understanding at least the very basic principles of these topics will go a very long way to helping you get on the right track and actually achieve the great health and fat-loss results you have always dreamed of.

So, look for reputable sources of information and education. Put some time aside to actually read research articles/publications/newsletters, attend health seminars, enroll in an educational nutrition course and/or meet with health and fat-loss experts. This really will help you to get the very most from the time, money and effort you invest into your exercise regime.

Here at the studio we always do our very best to share and publish the latest scientific research and advice on all aspects of health, exercise and nutrition. Along with our regular newsletters, blogs and in depth 12 week Nutrition Coaching Program, we have everything you need to sharper your axe.

But it’s up to you to sharpen it…