All too often people tell me that the reason they aren’t achieving their health and fat loss goals is because of what they eat and drink on the weekends at social situations.

However, they neglect to realise that the 2 glasses of wine or beer they drink every night as well as the chocolate biscuit they eat every afternoon is what’s doing the real damage.

Life is about enjoying our time with loved ones. Getting in better shape and health should not come at the expense of the times you celebrate with them. And that’s the key word here: CELEBRATE.

If you have a real reason to celebrate (i.e. birthday, wedding, reunion, anniversary, milestone, etc) then by all means enjoy that occasion with a couple of drinks and some not-so-healthy food. This will help you to be a healthier, balanced person in the long-term rather than trying to deprive yourself of enjoying these special occasions.

It’s the drinks and treats/snacks that you have for no good reason (other than ‘because you’ve had a rough day’ or ‘you deserve it’ or ‘it’s only a small serving’) that are doing the real damage and sabotaging your health and fat-loss efforts.

So, if you feel yourself reaching for a not-so-healthy snack or drink, ask yourself if it’s because you are celebrating something special. If not, snap out of it and grab something healthy!

Save the treats for real celebrations. And in case you’re wondering – watching your favourite TV show after a rough day is not a reason to celebrate…