I was giving a presentation recently and at the end of it a lady raised her hand and asked me: “Why should I listen to or believe you when there are so many other people, companies, TV shows/commercials, magazines and books telling me how to lose weight and get healthy?”

What a great question!

To really understand who you should listen to, believe, follow and/or give your hard earned money to, you need to look for 2 things: INTENTIONS AND KNOWLEDGE.

Does the person / company / magazine / commercial really have your best interests at heart or are they trying to post record profits for their share-holders before this year’s AGM?

Some (actually, many) companies who claim to have the perfect product, food, equipment, facilities, method, system or cutting edge scientific break-through will happily deceive you with false promises to make you part with your money.

If you currently train with us here at the studio, you’ll agree that we are always doing our best to make sure that you are booked in for regular and frequent training sessions because that is the only way to achieve great long-lasting results. And that’s exactly our intention for all of our clients. And if we didn’t have your best interests at heart, we’d be financially better off if you didn’t turn up to training even though you were paying for a membership (just like all of the big gyms!). But that’s not how we roll.

The next thing to look out for is knowledge. This is usually a great way to work out whether you should actually listen to your family, friends, neighbour, butcher, hair-dresser etc. Yes, they probably have your best intentions at heart as they genuinely want to see you healthy and happy, but do they really have the knowledge required to give you accurate and applicable information to help you achieve the health and fat-loss results you desire? Probably not.

But I’m proud to say that we do.

We continually invest heavily in our education and take pride in the fact that we are some of the most qualified, educated, accredited and experienced personal trainers in Perth. This, combined with the fact that we really do want to help you get on the right track to success and actually see you achieve amazing health, fitness and fat-loss results, make us the people you should listen to, trust and believe.