We’re all busy, right? There is always so much to do and so little time to do it.

So the result is that we do the things that are urgent and ignore the things that are important.

We spend all day running around in a state of constant stress doing the things that are screaming for our attention – take the kids to school, do the shopping, finish that report, attend that meeting, take the dog to the vet, get the shopping, fix that leaking tap, mow the lawn, take those clients out for dinner, call the bank, clean the house, etc etc etc – the list never ends.

But all of these things are urgent, NOT important. Yes, they still have to be done, but they usually get done first at the expense of what’s really important.

So what’s important? It’s no secret folks; make time for your health (with regular supervised exercise and proper nutrition), spend time with your kids and spouse, reduce bad debts, go on a holiday at least once a year, keep educating yourself, get regular health check-ups, actually write out your life goals, call the family and friends you have been neglecting, find some good investments, help your local community, the list really is endless.

Yes, it’s hard to do all of these important things when the urgent things have to be done, but we must be smarter with our time so that we can get both done.

Neglecting the urgent things usually results in short term setbacks, but neglecting the important things will result in long term and sometimes irreversible setbacks.

So, be mindful that you don’t prioritize the urgent things in life instead of the important.