With well over half of the adult Australian population now classified as overweight or obese, the prospects for the next generation are not looking good.

It is estimated that over a third of Australian children are overweight and studies show that overweight children are much more likely to grow up to become overweight or obese adults.

This unfortunate cycle begins at home so it’s important that we help our kids not only lead healthier lives and get into better shape, but also educate and inspire them to continue it into adulthood.

Here are some tips to help you raise healthy kids that are more likely to become healthy adults:

Lead By Example

Children with active dads are 3.5 times more likely to exercise than those with inactive dads. But when both mum and dad are active, kids are 6 times more likely to exercise.

Make Exercise A Top Priority

To kids, much like adults, exercise can be an after thought. Create a detailed exercise plan for the whole family during the entire week.

Create A Team

Plan regular fun activities that involve other families with kids. Finish the game or exercise with lots of cheers and high fives!

Make Exercise Fun

Find activities that you and your kids really enjoy (bike riding, ball sports, water based games etc.) When exercise is fun or playful, 83% of over-weight kids will do it consistently and think of it in a positive way.

Cut Down On TV Time

TV is the enemy of exercise. Kids who spend 2 hours or more in front of the TV are twice as likely to not get any regular exercise.

Your Gym Can Be Anywhere You Like

Your backyard and the local playground can make excellent gyms. Look for ways to use whatever equipment you have available for you and your kids to do some exercise with. Benches, Monkey Bars, slides and poles can work wonders. The trick is to keep it fresh, varied and fun!