When you were first learning to drive you likely studied, remembered and followed all of the road laws very carefully and closely. This of course allowed you to become a good driver and pass your driving test.

However, once you’d had your drivers license for a while, you probably became a bit more relaxed with some of the less important road rules. Maybe you don’t indicate every single time you turn a corner. You probably don’t come to a complete stop at every single stop sign. And maybe you go just a few kms faster than the speed limit. And that’s to be expected, most us do. The better you get at something, the more you relax about the minor details.

However, I’m sure that you still obey all of the major road laws (such as driving on the left hand side, stopping at red traffic lights, giving way at intersections, etc). Because if you didn’t follow these major laws and rules, you’d obviously get into a heap of trouble or even possibly have a serious accident.

The way we choose and eat our food needs to be the same way that we drive our cars.

So many times I see people achieve significant health and fat-loss results because they follow the nutrition laws and rules I teach them very closely. Then, I fully expect people to relax a little with these rules though once they’ve achieved some great results. That’s totally normal. However, it breaks my heart when I see clients completely ignore (and maybe even forget) the key nutrition principles and guidelines that helped them achieved such great results in the first place. Not surprisingly, they soon fall back into old habits and quickly regain any fat they had lost.

Folks, if you’ve achieved any sort of health and fat-loss results, it’s essential that you realise that you need to follow the main nutrition rules and guidelines for the rest of your life so that you can maintain the great results you’ve achieved.

Yes, you can relax with the finer nutrition details once you’re happy with the results you’ve achieved, but the key nutrition principles are just like our major road laws. Disobey them at your own peril…