If I gave you advice about your finances, your prescription medication, your root canal, your termite problem, your car’s shock absorbers, your child’s immunisations, your court case or your tax problem would you immediately rush out and do what I recommended without a second thought? Probably not.

And why is that? Because you know that I’m not qualified, certified, insured or experienced with any of these matters. These are big, important issues which need proper consideration, professional advice and a well planned course of action.

So, please tell me why so many people will take any nutrition advice they receive from friends, family, the TV, a trashy magazine or some dodgy website and then act on it immediately without a second thought??!!

Folks, listen up. There is NOTHING more important in your life than your nutrition. Let me repeat that: NOTHING.

You might think your problems are pretty important but they all pale in significance to your nutrition. The quality of your life can be directly attributed to the way you currently eat.

It astonishes me why people would take such terrible, unprofessional, unresearched, unproven, archaic and dangerous nutrition advice from the very people who have no right in giving it in the first place…. and then follow through with it like mindless robots!

The nutrition advice we receive from the well-intentioned people in our lives is what I call ‘Friendly Fire’. They don’t mean to hurt us, but that is exactly what they are doing.

So, dodge that bullet and stop taking nutrition advice from anyone or anything that isn’t qualified, accredited, insured and experienced enough to do so.

And if someone can’t help but give you nutrition advice even if you didn’t ask for it, politely thank them, tell them you’ll consider it and then do your very best to completely erase what they just said from your memory.

It’s time we all started prioritising our nutrition the same way we prioritise our families, jobs, homes, finances, cars and all of the other important things that we turn to the experts for.

If you’re ready to finally get some proper expert help and nutrition advice, you know where to find us.