There is a catch-phrase which originated in body-building circles and has gained notoriety through social media over the last few years.

“Do you even lift?” is a question that’s usually thrown around in big gyms full of young-steroid-induced-dumbbell-dropping-grunting-selfie-taking-meathead-guys who would ask other guys this as a way of implying that they don’t look very muscular and therefore warrant being asked if they even lift weights.

I despise this kind of ‘macho-competition’ gym scene because of the stereotype it perpetuates, but I do think it’s a great question. Not because we all need to look like body-builders, but because resistance training (lifting weights) should be done by absolutely anyone and everyone.

There is NOTHING else you can do that will give you better results than following a sensible, structured and frequent resistance training program.

If you’d like to improve your health, wellness, mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, immune system, insulin sensitivity, bone density, fat-loss, body shape, libido, confidence and strength… you need to lift weights.

If you’d like to prevent diabetes, CV disease, cancer, strokes, osteoporosis, muscle wastage, mental illness, aging, frailty and plummeting hormone levels… you need to lift weights. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that resistance training is only for bodybuilders. Now, let me ask you… Do YOU even lift?