During times when we’re stressed, busy, sad, worried and anxious (but also when we’re relaxing, celebrating, unwinding and rewarding ourselves) we often turn to ‘comfort foods’.

You know the ones. The foods (and drinks) that are in no way beneficial or healthy but they provide you with an immense sense of pleasure when you consume them. I’m sure you can think of plenty of examples.

People will often say to me “to lose weight I just have to stop eating comfort foods”. Unfortunately, when I hear anyone say this, I know that they have failed before they even started.

Humans are funny creatures. If we deny ourselves of anything (especially something pleasurable), our brains will work overtime to make us want that exact thing even more, until we can’t resist any longer and give in to temptation.

This is exactly why trying to avoid comfort foods (or drinks) is a dead end.

Rather than not eating comfort foods you need to stop finding comfort in food.

As soon as you change the way you rely on food emotionally, you can and will achieve any health, wellness and fat-loss goal you desire. Once you begin to see food for what it really is (a tool to either move you closer to or further from your goals) the sooner you will lead a happier and healthier life.

Imagine being able to turn down biscuits at work, cake at a birthday party and beers at the pub without any sense of deprivation, frustration or anxiety. I guarantee that you will feel more in control of your life than ever before.

But this isn’t easy to do. The trick is to take comfort in other things that you know are good for you. Take a hot bath, have a massage, buy a new outfit, watch a funny movie, walk on the beach.

Do whatever it takes to break that emotional attachment to any food. And if your dependency on food (and/or alcohol) is severe enough, I recommend that you speak with a qualified mental health professional to really help you beat it.