With Summer and the festive season soon upon us, this time of year can really make-or-break your overall success in 2019 when it comes to your health and fat-loss goals.

So often, I see people work hard all year attending their regular training sessions, cutting back on their alcohol consumption and following a healthy eating plan. As such, they achieve steady and gradual, but amazing body transforming fat-loss results.

Sadly, this entire year of hard work, commitment and transformation is  quite often completely undone in a 2-3 week period over Christmas and New Year as most people revert back to old habits during this entire time.

Excessive alcohol, thoughtless and care-free food choices and skipped exercise sessions will undoubtedly mean that fat is quickly piled back on and precious muscle is also wasted away.

Inevitably, this means that the new year is often started in the same unhealthy way of the previous year.

And the vicious cycle continues…

Whilst I completely understand that you may want a ‘mental break’ just as much as a physical break over the festive period, it’s essential that you realise and accept the fact that your body doesn’t care about the holiday season.

Your body will continue to respond accordingly to the foods you eat, the alcohol you drink and the exercise you avoid, despite you feeling like you deserve it because of all of your hard work throughout the year. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that your body is much better and faster at storing fat compared to burning fat.

Yes, the festive season is a time to enjoy special occasions with loved ones. So by all means, enjoy those special days without having to think or care about the foods you eat, the drinks you choose and not exercising.

But that doesn’t excuse you from getting right back on track on those days in between. Unless of course you actually prefer to undo an entire year’s worth of hard work in just a couple of weeks…