Of the population who would like to shed some extra fat, it’s not uncommon for most of them to believe that carbohydrate consumption should be eliminated completely in order to kick their body into fat-burning mode. This ‘belief’ has long been perpetuated by various diets such as the Atkins Diet, the Paleo Diet and many others along the same lines.

Those who try these ‘carbs-are-evil’ diets will certainly experience some initial weight loss. Unfortunately though, most people fail to realise that weight loss does not always equal fat loss.

Any weight loss experienced through these carb-less diets can usually be attributed to mostly water, glycogen and muscle tissue loss. Granted, there may be some fat-loss taking place, but completely avoiding carbohydrates can and will severely and detrimentally affect hormone profiles, muscle repair/synthesis, immune system function, thyroid function, adrenal function, mood, energy, hunger, cravings and overall enjoyment of life.

Going completely carb-free is a great way to ruin your metabolism and therefore pile on fat like never
before once you can no longer muster the motivation or mental fortitude to continue avoiding carbs completely.

Having said all that though, excessive and incorrect carbohydrate consumption can and will lead to excess fat storage and increased risk of some serious diseases.

So, what’s the solution??

Save your carbohydrates for the meal you eat directly after a tough exercise session.

Put simply, intense exercise turns your muscles into sponges which allows the carbs you consume to be used to repair muscle tissue, improve your hormone profiles, reduce cravings, boost mood and energy and generally give your metabolism a big boost – rather than being converted to fat.