In all our years of being in the health and fitness industry, we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve the healthy, fit, strong, slim bodies they’ve always dreamed of. Unfortunately, there have been just as many who don’t achieve the results they wanted.

I can tell you with certainty it’s because they pick and choose only the parts of their program that they find suitable, easy, convenient and enjoyable.

So often when we do a progress assessment with a client they will tell us that they are only following part of our nutrition program and only doing some of the workouts we prescribe because they are too busy, it’s too hard, they don’t like it, they have no time, their family doesn’t want to do it with them, insert any other excuse here.

Yet they are still disappointed and surprised when they don’t achieve exactly what they had hoped to.

Folks if you really want to achieve the health and fat-loss goals you set for yourself, you NEED to do everything that is required of you.

If we give you advice and a nutrition and exercise program to follow, we give it because we know that it will get you the results you want, if you follow it to the letter.

Commit to doing ALL that is required of you, achieve your goals once and for all and then you can relax a bit while maintaining what you have achieved.