Yep, the cold weather does tend to put a big freeze on our motivation. It’s easy to give in to the cold and stay in bed a bit longer, eat warm comfort food during the day and then spend our evenings on the couch with a glass of wine.

But let’s keep something in perspective here: Australian Winters are not that cold!

Yes it may be hard to get yourself out of bed on a chilly morning but if you commit to exercising at the start of your day, you’ll raise your core temperature which will make you more energetic and efficient for the entire day (rather than struggling to focus on even basic tasks and wishing you were still in bed).

Plus, do your best to think of long term gain rather than short term satisfaction. Would you prefer to stay in your warm bed an extra half hour today, or to be able to confidently walk down the beach in your bathers every day this coming Summer?

Would you rather drink that extra glass of wine tonight or be able to come off your blood pressure medication when you see your GP again in 3 months?

Put some time aside to work out exactly what you want to achieve and then remind yourself of these goals every time you contemplate missing a workout or eating something unhealthy.

Winter really is the best time to refocus on your goals, set a plan and then get on track to achieving them before Summer rolls in again. And remember, it’s not THAT cold…

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