A whole host of factors influence the way your body processes and stores water.

If you have recently increased your water intake, your body will likely see this as an opportunity to detoxify itself and will therefore start flushing out your organs, digestive tract, skin and fat stores.

So, this will mean you need to keep going with the extra water until your body has cleansed and can then start absorbing more water in the places it is needed.

Also, each gram of carbohydrate you eat needs 2 grams of water to be stored so if you have recently reduced your carb intake to improve your fat loss efforts, your body won’t need to store as much water.

Furthermore, be sure to drink your water evenly throughout the day by constantly sipping at the water bottles you should be leaving all over the house, office and car. Guzzling liters of water at a time will only make your body flush it out without absorbing it as it needs small frequent amounts to maintain normal body function.

You also need to consider the fact that tea, coffee, processed foods, stress, medication and an imbalance of electrolytes will also alter your hydration levels on a day to day basis.

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