Somewhere along the line, some well-meaning ‘health guru’ got the idea that our bodies needed periodic cleansings.They reasoned that the air, water, and food we breathed or ingested was rife with toxic chemicals.

They recommended we occasionally refrain from eating solid foods (usually for a few days) and instead drink copious amounts of blended fruits, vegetables and other expensive tonics in order to purge ourselves of these toxins.

Some go even further and recommend that we hose and flush our colons with various concoctions to purge out the toxins.

Well, they were all half right. The air, water, and food we breathe or ingest is indeed filled with toxic chemicals, but the body has a pretty efficient detoxifying system set in place in the liver, kidney, and spleen.

What’s more, there is no widely accepted evidence that juice helps them do their job more efficiently. These systems do, however, need nutritional support.

Paradoxically, fasting/cleansing/detoxing deprives the liver of amino acids (cysteine, glutamine, glycine) that are important to this natural detox process. Likewise, amino acids make toxins more water soluble, which allows them to be eliminated through bile.

And the colon cleanse? That’s too silly to even begin to address. So… NO, you don’t need to do a detox or cleanse.

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