Q: I’m going overseas. Can I take my protein powder with me?

A: Absolutely.

Most countries do not have the strict quarantine laws that Australia does which means you can (and should) take your protein powder and other supplements with you when you travel.

It is always a good idea to check with the relevant authorities before you leave, but I have been to all parts of the world with protein powder and other supplements without any issue at all. So, I can not see why it should be a problem for you.

It is best to leave the powder in its original packaging whenever possible, but if you need to put it into a clear zip-lock bag just label it as protein powder (or whatever supplement you are taking with you.) This will make it easier going through customs.

Travel usually means a disruption to your exercise program and your eating regime which can be frustrating for most. When you combine these two factors it is not hard to see why most people struggle to stay on track with achieving their results while overseas.

Therefore, lessen the damage by at least taking your usual supplements with you.

Plus, in-flight meals are usually laden with processed carbs, fats, preservatives and salt and often contain far too little protein. It would be wise to avoid this if possible.

In conclusion, having a protein shake handy (and your other health supplements) will help you to turn down those in-flight cookies, chocolates and alcoholic drinks. It will also help sustain you over those lengthy flights.

Happy traveling!