Q: Should I still be having protein shakes on the days I don’t do weight training?

A: Weight training causes damage to muscle fibres which we then repair through proper hydration, nutrition, rest and sleep.

It’s important to understand that this repair process takes longer than a day.

It’s therefore crucial that we supply our body with a constant stream of quality protein even on days during which we aren’t doing any weight training in order to allow this repair process to continue.

Furthermore, your body is in a constant state of cellular regeneration and repair (i.e. your hair, skin, nails and organs), regardless of the exercise you have or haven’t done.

Making sure that you have an adequate intake of amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein) will allow these essential functions to happen efficiently and effectively.

So, as well as eating lean sources of solid protein foods, be sure to also include a protein shake or two into your day regardless of your activity level.

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