Q: How much protein do I really need to eat?

A:When you eat protein, your body breaks it down into individual amino acids.

It then uses these amino acids to repair, rebuild and replenish every single type of cell in your body (organs, skin, hair, brain, muscles, etc). Not to mention it helps to boost your metabolism, therefore improving your fat-burning ability.

So, it makes sense that we give our body a steady intake of quality protein in order to allow it to do what it needs to do to keep us healthy, slim and looking young.

Unfortunately, most people think that a couple of slices of ham in their sandwich at lunch and some mince meat in their spaghetti at dinner gives them enough protein.

If better health, wellness, recovery from exercise, strength, fat-loss, skin, nails, hair and youthful complexion are on your wish list, you need to be eating some type of quality protein every 3-4 hours.

The amount you need depends on your current shape and weight. For example, if you weigh 50kg, you need 23g of protein with each of your meals.

If you weight 75kg, you need 35g. If you weigh 100kg, you need 47g.

Use these numbers to calculate your own protein requirements at each meal. Then, be sure to start reading the nutritional panels of the foods you eat so that you know how much you need to eat so that you are actually getting your desired amount of protein.

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