Q: Is it okay to use my microwave to cook food? Aren’t they dangerous and unhealthy?

A: Microwaves have received a lot of bad publicity over the years, at times with wild claims that they destroy all of the goodness found in our food, leach important vitamins from vegetables, destroy the proteins in meat and even cause cancer.

Fortunately, none of these claims are backed or supported by any scientific evidence.

The energy emitted by microwaves is simply not powerful enough to damage DNA. Furthermore, microwaves are manufactured under strict guidelines to trap all energy produced.

In fact, microwaves may actually be a healthier way to not only reheat, but to actually cook and prepare certain foods.

So, use your microwave in confidence knowing that it is not giving you cancer or stripping your food of all goodness.

Just be sure to always check that your food is cooked completely and consistently all the way through before eating, always use microwave safe containers which don’t break down or leach chemicals into your food during the cooking process.

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