Q: Why am I losing muscle tissue if I’m training hard?

A: First we must understand that keeping and building your muscle tissue is essential for fat loss, general health and overall well being. It should be at the top of your list. Then, we need to realise that muscle is not built up during exercise – it is broken down.

It’s what happens after you exercise and during the rest of the week that helps you build that new magical muscle tissue (therefore boosting your fat burning metabolism).

It’s vital to consume enough protein (found in lean meats, eggs, protein supplements) so your body can repair these damaged muscle fibers so they can become bigger, stronger and more metabolically active. (We recommend you consume a quality protein shake after each and every exercise session.)

As well as a lack of protein, a lack of water, excessive stress and lack of sleep are also factors preventing you from keeping and building your precious muscle.

These will inevitably leave you feeling sore, stiff, weak, tired and flabby!