If your goal is to lose fat, improve muscle tone and strength, change the shape and look of your body and generally improve your health, wellness and immunity, there is only one thing you need to think about…. INTENSITY.

Your heart rate, calories burnt, training duration and distance covered are all very minor details of any training session (unless of course you are a competitive athlete, but let’s assume you’re not). Proper intensity is all that matters and all that you need in order to achieve the results you desire and deserve.

Training at the right intensity triggers a wonderful hormonal response in your body which allows it to burn that ugly fat, build that lean sexy muscle, prevent illness and improve your mood, energy and
sleep patterns.

So go on, lift a little heavier, do an extra rep, run a bit faster and push a little harder. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable, but as the saying goes; all of your successes in life can be directly measured by the degree to which you are willing to get uncomfortable.

Leave all the heart rate mumbo jumbo to the competitive athletes.

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