Q: I’ve heard a lot about fasting like the ‘5 and 2’ diet. Should I be doing it?

A: Fasting diets have gained a lot of popularity lately thanks to TV shows, books and celebrity endorsements.

The main benefit of fasting is that it can help to reset your hormone levels and insulin sensitivity, which control health and fat loss/storage.

However, fasting doesn’t address the underlying issue… your hormones and insulin sensitivity are messed up from what you eat on your non-fasting days!

Yes, we should absolutely be varying the amount of calories we eat each day as well as the type and amount of carbohydrates (depending on the type and amount of exercise we have done).

Fasting is a just one way to do this, but it doesn’t take into consideration things like exercise, social/family functions, menstrual cycles, external/emotional stress and the example that you are setting for your family.

We really do need to have a much more precise and planned approach to our nutrition, health and fat loss rather than just “5 and 2”.

As far as I’m concerned, fasting is just an unsustainable knee jerk attempt to reset the metabolism.

Whereas properly educating yourself about your body and how to feed it will lead to better results and greater health… and you’ll be much more likely to maintain your results and healthy lifestyle for the long term.

Let’s face it, how long do you think you can really keep up this fasting thing anyway?

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