Q: Can we do something different every time I come in to exercise?

A: We understand that exercise isn’t always enjoyable  and that in order to improve their chances of sticking to an exercise program, a lot of people will want to do something different, exciting and new each and every time they exercise. Unfortunately though, when it comes to resistance training (i.e. weights), chopping and changing your workout each and every time might be the exact reason why you’re not improving or achieving your desired results.

When muscles are stimulated by lifting a weight, not only are the muscles themselves forced to improve, your neural connections also improve (i.e. the way your brain talks to your muscles). And when our neural connections improve, we can then stimulate more individual muscle fibres to work more effectively and efficiently. This translates into much better workouts and therefore much better metabolism-boosting results.

Therefore, we recommend a structured and pre-planned weights program that lasts at least 8-12 weeks in order to maximise your results. When it comes to your interval cardio exercise however, this is the perfect opportunity to mix it up, try new things and keep the body guessing!