cup of coffeeQ: Should I cut out coffee?

A: When looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes, many people assume that they need to kick their caffeine habit entirely. However, recent research is not only showing us that you shouldn’t cut out coffee entirely, but you should possibly increase your daily amount.


Studies out of Europe showed a 23% reduction in DNA damage in people who consumed 500ml of brewed coffee on a daily basis. A Japanese study also showed that coffee drinkers were 24% less likely to die over the 19 year study period compared to non-coffee drinkers.

Coffee contains hundreds of beneficial compounds so it’s hard to say exactly which ones are producing these impressive results. However, two bioactive polyphenols known as caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid have shown to supress tumour formation and to reduce inflammation. It appears as though anywhere from 2-4 cups per day is ideal. But be sure to use a light or medium roast as they contain more polyphenols than the dark varieties.

And to prevent any disruption to your sleep cycles, avoid having any caffeine after midday or switch to decaf, which is still really beneficial. Be sure to also keep in mind that adding cow’s milk and/or sugar to your coffee will negate many of the benefits. Aim to drink your coffee black or with a splash of unsweetened almond milk.