Q: Will Exercise Make It Worse?

A: Arthritis comes in various forms but all have similar symptoms – sore, stiff joints and limbs which can make the most basic of movements very painful.

Without a management plan, Arthritis continues to worsen and can rob a person of their mobility and quality of life.

53% fewer adults with arthritis exercise then adults who don’t have arthritis, mostly due to pain and discomfort.

But research has shown that regular exercise can alleviate the symptoms of Arthritis.

Performing safe and structured exercises/movements will strengthen joints and stimulate the body’s natural joint lubrication processes.

So, whilst it may be hard to begin a regular exercise program if you are experiencing the symptoms of Arthritis, just aim to start with a couple of very gentle exercise sessions each week (ideally supervised) and then slowly increase it from there.

In a matter of weeks you will feel a noticeable improvement in your mobility and pain levels.

Of course, you should always consult with your GP as medication may be required as part of your management plan. Be sure to also consume plenty of essential fatty acids to help prevent Arthritis in the first place, and to also aid in the alleviation of symptoms.

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