Let’s imagine that you wanted to buy a new car and you had $50,000 to spend.

For this amount of money you could get a very reliable family car that wasn’t too flashy but got you from A to B each and every time. Or, you could buy yourself a Ferrari… with no engine in it!

Obviously the Ferrari looks amazing, smells great and the sensation of sitting in it would be like nothing else. But you wouldn’t get anywhere because it has no engine!

Whereas the reliable family car may not look as good, smell as good or feel as good, but it’s going to get you to where you want to go each and every time without fail.

Folks, we need to apply the same thinking to the foods we eat. As a Western society, we are all so obsessed with how food smells, tastes and feels when we eat it, even though it will likely not take us towards the health and fat loss goals we would like to achieve.

We spend way too much time, thought, money and energy worrying about the temporary pleasure that foods can provide without much consideration for how far we are going to get eating these types of foods.

It’s important that before you decide to eat anything, you take a brief moment to ask yourself “is this food going to get me to where I want to be or will it keep me stuck in the same place, just for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure?”

Now I’m not saying that healthy food which helps you achieve your health and fat loss goals has to be bland and boring at all. There are many ways you can make a reliable family car a joy to ride.

Just don’t go constantly looking for that flashy red Ferrari with nothing under the hood…