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Is Your Posture Making You Sick, Tired & Fat?

Apart from putting excessive strain on muscles and joints, your poor sitting posture could be causing some serious health issues and affecting your fat-loss efforts. 1) Poor posture negatively affects your breathing patterns by restricting the diaphragm and...

Laurie’s Rant: You Don’t Have To… You Get To

When it comes to doing more exercise, healthy eating, going to bed early, drinking water or anything else related to achieving any kind of health and fat-loss goals, a lot of people consider these things as chores or inconvenient necessities. When trying to achieve a...

Is Sitting The New Smoking?

A study from the American Cancer Society finds a link between long periods of time sitting and a higher risk of death from all causes, including 14 of the 22 causes of death measured by the study. This includes 8 of the 10 most common causes of death. Risks of death...

Cinnamon: The Super Spice

Would you like to make your body more sensitive to the insulin it naturally releases? So that when you eat you can take advantage of its muscle-building effects? And would you like to avoid the fat-gaining effects of producing too much insulin (being insulin...

Addictive: Oreos Are Like Drugs?

Research out of Connecticut University supports the theory that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do. Making them just as addictive. Neuroscientists Joseph Schroeder and Jamie Honohan state: “It may explain why some people can’t...

Healthy Bites Recipe: Dairy Free Breakfast Pizza

Serves: 2 Prep and Cooking Time: 25 min Nutrition Information Per Serve: Calories: 454 Protein: 22g Fat: 31g Carbohydrates: 26g Fibre: 17.2g   Ingredients: 2 cups grated cauliflower 2 tablespoons coconut flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 eggs 1 tablespoon psyllium husk powder...

Should I Cut Out Coffee?

When looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, many people assume that they need to kick their caffeine habit entirely. Could this mean no more coffee?

Should I take An Anti-oxidant Supplement Such As Vitamin C?

We need anti-oxidants to combat all the free-radicals we get from pollution, smoking, stress and processed food. Is a Vitamin C tablet the way to go?

Healthy Bites Recipe: Hamburger Patties with creamy tomato gravy & fried cabbage

When you are craving some comfort food, this recipe is a great alternate. With a rich creamy tomato gravy and hamburger patties with feta and parsley.

Healthy Bites: Chicken, Green Beans & Egg Muffins

A muffin you could snack on and not feel so guilty about.

Is Sitting The New Smoking?

A study from the American Cancer Society finds a link between long periods of time sitting and a higher risk of death from all causes. What can be done about it?

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